Stand B11
LUSAS helps engineers analyse, design and assess all types of infrastructure project. Proven on some of the world’s most iconic structures, our innovative, flexible and trusted software solutions can satisfy the increasingly demanding needs of clients. LUSAS technical support is regularly cited as “best in class,” and consultancy services offer an advanced technology capability through partnership. Version 20 provides more automation tools such as the new Masonry Bridge Wizard and the Rhino/Grasshopper plugin; new functionality including p-y curves for piled structures; and adds a new RC slab design option to its existing steel, RC frame, and steel and composite deck design capabilities.




LUSAS version 20 new features and improvements
Watch an overview of the new features and improvements in LUSAS version 20 that provide more productivity, more design and more applications of the software.
Masonry Bridge Wizard
Watch how the masonry bridge wizard is used to create a 3-span arch model, and view results obtained from a nonlinear analysis. (LUSAS version 20)
P-y curves - code-based soil modelling around piles
Watch how to define p-y curves to represent soil properties adjacent to the piles in an integral bridge model (LUSAS Version 20).
User Experience Improvements in LUSAS version 20
Watch an overview of key new facilities that improve the use of LUSAS for all users. (Version 20)