PRECASTEEL LLC - a new way of constructing bridge overhangs

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Precasteel LLC is an inventor of innovative products geared toward the bridge industry and a licensing company based out of the United States of America (USA). We have launched our flag ship product, namely Stay-In-Place-Fascia-Forms (SIPFF), on the LaGuardia Airport mega-project in New York and are now looking for partners in the United Kingdom and surrounding countries to help generate sales and provide manufacturing & distribution. Go to page 23 of the link ( ) to read an article highlighting PRECASTEEL on the project. and go to www.precasteel. com for more information. SIPFF allows all work to be performed on the top side in a fraction of the time it takes to install and remove bridge brackets. SIPFFs can be installed at a rate of approximately 1 linear foot per minute and all work is performed from the top, contrary to conventional means which require access underneath and require the contractor to come back for removal. The biggest benefit of SIPFF is the time savings associated with the faster production rates, and the inherent safety of the system.



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Precasteel Stay-In-Place-Fascia-Form
Precasteel Stay-In-Place-Fascia-Form
Precasteel's forms consist of relatively thin (3") precast panels 'L' shaped with a birds beak notch cast along the length of each panel toe that sockets onto the outboard edge of the top flange of the fascia girder, steel or precast, and is tied back with a diagonal tie to the same girder.