Goldhawk Bridge Restoration Ltd

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Goldhawk Bridge Restoration Ltd is dedicated to the sympathetic rehabilitation and strengthening of masonry arch bridges throughout the UK providing cost effective, innovative, minimal disruption, low carbon footprint solutions to maintaining our stock of loved heritage structures. We use in house established and highly regarded computer analysis and design programs coupled with well proven repair products and non-disruptive concealed installation techniques, to provide the MARS system, which is high quality, environmentally friendly, economical, and reliable method of strengthening arches. We have main contractor status and as such can act either as principal contractor offering full turnkey packages or take the role of subcontract designer and installer, working with Tier 1 contractors and joint venture Highway or Network Rail organisations. Our innovative systems both repair and enhance bridging and retaining structures, with minimal effect to their visual appearance, whilst causing minimal inconvenience to the public by disruption to road and rail traffic. The unique and independently tested system by the TRL Research Laboratory and the University of Greenwich is used with minimal disturbance to the bridge fabric, retaining the original appearance. It is ideal for historic and listed bridges. Accurate structural computer analysis and optimised software engineering design ensures that normal structural flexibility is maintained whilst increasing the strength of the bridge with no excessive stiffness. Goldhawk Bridge Restoration Ltd brings together considerable bridge engineering experience and expertise, state of the art software assessment, design and full quality-controlled installation proven repair products and techniques.


  • BROCHURE (3.43 MiB)
    Strengthening and repair techniques including the unique MARS system for increasing the capacity, refurbishing and extending the life of our muched loved stock of heritage masonry arched bridges, vaults and tunnels.


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  • NUFiNS
  • STRESS Group


Low carbon footprint, minimum disruption to rail and road traffic method of strengthing, repairing and preserving our heritage stock of masonry arched bridges.
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