Hamish Harvey

Director, Bill Harvey Associates / Obvis

Hamish Harvey specialises in masonry bridges (and other arching structures). He delights in developing and applying new tools in the care of old structures, not for the shiny tech, but for the insight they can provide.

Hamish offers consultancy and 3D survey through Bill Harvey Associates Ltd., and provides and supports software (including the Archie-M tool for masonry bridge assessment) through Obvis Ltd.

My Speaker Sessions

Wednesday 13 March 2024


Bridge Diagnostics Using 3D Photogrammetric Survey

11:55 - 12:20
  • 3D photogrammetric survey is a transformative tool for bridge management.
  • A key part of its potential is in enabling detection and diagnosis of defects and forensic analysis of failures.
  • Effective diagnosis requires different tools than provided in typical survey software.
  • Our Reveal 4D software is designed to support this diagnostic interrogation of 3D surveys.
  • The talk will demonstrate how simple but powerful tools allow the engineer to draw insight from surveys.