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Freyssinet has been at the forefront of specialised civil and structural engineering since 1950. A leading specialist in structural repair and new build construction services, bridge bearings, expansion joints, concrete repair, post-tensioning and jacking systems, Freyssinet is renowned for delivering innovative, whole life solutions, solving complex problems on critical assets, and pushing the envelope of engineering. Our work on structures both old and new includes the design, build, maintenance, repair and monitoring, utilising stay cable technology, post-tensioning special inspection (PTSI), complex propping, bridge bearing installation and recently, heavy lifting/moving utilising our patented Autoripage® methodology for HS2 and development of Freyssicare accessories, designed to enhance and extend the life of bridge components. Freyssinet operates as principal contractor, specialist subcontractor and supplier throughout the UK and Ireland and is able to support its full product and service range with an in-house engineering and design team.



Freyssinet UK - our civil and structural engineering products, services and capabilities
Innovative specialists in structural enhancement, repair of bridges, buildings and civil engineering projects. Design, supply and install across the UK. Freyssinet has been at the forefront of specialised civil and structural engineering technology, consultancy and installation since 1950. A leading specialist in concrete repairs, bridge bearings, post-tensioning, expansion joints, jacking, cathodic protection and sprayed concrete, Freyssinet is renowned for delivering innovative solutions and pushing the envelope of structural and civil engineering.
Freyssinet - HS2 Marston Box Slide - December 2022
The world longest box bridge slide took place over Christmas 2022 to enable the HS2 railway line to cross over the M42 motorway in Warwickshire. In collaboration with Balfour Beatty Vinci (BBV) teams, Freyssinet worked around the clock over the Christmas period to move the 12,600-tonne bridge structure over 163 metres and into position. Freyssinet designed and implemented the sliding mechanism, utilising its Autoripage® technique for heavy handling, which enabled the box to be pushed on a guiding raft and into place. The box bridge slide operation took place between 24 and 26 December. Progressing at four metres per hour, the box was moved into position in under 36 hours, completing well ahead of the programmed schedule. This enabled BBV to proceed with subsequent works and reopen the M42 a day ahead of schedule.
HS2 Coventry Box Slide - C2LS 2023
The train route between Coventry and Leamington Spa was temporarily closed on the evening of Sunday 30 July in preparation for the HS2 Coventry box slide, a 5,600-tonne, 46m-long bridge structure that was moved into position in just 5.5 hours using Freyssinet’s Autoripage® technique, which allows construction of heavy structures on the side of live infrastructures and their sliding into position with minimal impact on operations. The new bridge structure will allow the high-speed line to pass beneath the existing Coventry to Leamington Spa railway line. HS2, BBV JV and Freyssinet teams worked around the clock to complete the slide by Monday morning at 3.30am.