Innovative Composite Fibre Technology Bridges 2019 Innovation submission

The Use of Geopolymer Concrete and GFRP Materials for An Innovative Wharf Structure


The design and construction of a new Wharf facility at the Wagners cement site in Brisbane Queensland features an innovative approach to building materials that delivers significant advancements in both environmental and engineering performance.

The wharf deck superstructure is comprised of 191 no. prefabricated panels that span between 8 and 12 metres over steel headstock beams. The panels are a unique hybrid structural system developed over many years by Wagners R&D division initially for use in pedestrian and road bridges. The system has been adapted and further developed for the challenging conditions of a marine wharf structure.

Each of the panels consist of: • pultruded composite fibre girders that provide the tensile beam spanning capacity, • geopolymer concrete engaged deck that acts as a compression flange while locking the girders together, • glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) reinforcing bar in the concrete deck to form a completely non-metallic structure that is risk free for marine exposure borne corrosion, • vastly reduced embodied carbon emission compared to conventional materials.

The hybrid deck superstructure described above represents a new approach using high technology building materials to deliver efficient, low maintenance and low CO2 emission engineering structures. This paper describes the design and manufacture of the prefabricated deck units and the necessary testing and material properties validation that were undertaken on this structural system and its component materials over many years.




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