Miguel Escallon

Bridge Designer

Knight Architects

Miguel Escallon gained his diplomas in Architecture and Industrial Design at
the Universidad de Los Andes, in Bogota, Colombia. He later obtained his
Master’s degree in Emergent Technologies and Design at the Architectural
Association in London. Since 2019 he has been working as a bridge designer
at the UK based practice Knight Architects, where he focuses on the
implementation of parametric and generative design methodologies within
the infrastructure industry. He is currently working on projects ranging from
small scale 24-metre long footbridges up to a 450m city bridge in the heart of
Drammen, Norway. Regardless of scale, through his work he seeks to bridge
the gap between computational design and digital fabrication, which he
believes is the key to a more sustainable future.

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Day 2 Thursday 27th May
David Collings Vanja Samec

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