Do you have an innovation or key industry update that you want to share with your colleagues in the bridge industry?


As part of the Bd&e annual Bridges conference programme, and following the second successful presentation at last year’s event, we have once again linked up with the Bridge Owners’ Forum and ADEPT to host a ‘Pecha Kucha’-style presentation on innovation in bridge design, construction, inspection, maintenance and monitoring that will take place on 12 March.

This year’s quick-fire session is also being opened up to delegates attending from local authorities, industry associations and academia that wish to present on key industry updates from the last 12 months.

We are looking for examples that illustrate:

  • New/updated standards or guidance
  • Research findings
  • Developments in policy and strategy
  • Innovation (eg design, construction, inspection, maintenance and monitoring)

The deadline for submissions is 30 January 2020.

Proposals should be submitted as a pdf on a maximum of two pages of A4, with up to six images and 500 words.

All submissions will be reviewed by our independent panel which is made up of members of the Bridge Owners Forum and ADEPT, who will select around 15 to present as part of the programme.

Those selected will be invited to submit up to eight slides that explain the industry update or innovation. These will be timed to show for 20 seconds (for each slide) in a ‘Pecha Kucha’-type format presented by one representative from the company or organisation. All presentations will be presented one after the other in a single slide show, which will be introduced and rounded up by a member of the assessment panel.

Please note submissions will only be accepted from registered delegates, exhibitors and sponsors.

All submissions will also be hosted on the website innovation zone – and will be promoted via social media accounts.

Please email submissions to Keith Harwood, by 30 January with the subject line ‘Key industry updates’.