Valerie Diemel-Spruit

Senior Technical Consultant, Bridges and Viaducts


Valerie has been working on making concrete more sustainable over the past 5 years, the translation of sustainability goals into more sustainable concrete. An appropriate market approach and collaboration with other authorities to jointly implement the reduction of CO2. Valerie studied engineering at the university of applied sciences in Utrecht.

Speaker Sessions

Stream A - Wednesday 9 March 2022

Sustainable procurement – the experiences of Rijkswaterstaat

Rijkswaterstaat is undergoing a period of transformation in order to meet a number of sustainability goals over the coming years. What expectations does Rijkswaterstaat have of the contractors, and what results does it want to achieve? How do the different parties come together on this journey? And how to ensure that project outcomes are in line with sustainability goals? The presenter will share insight into the sustainability goals of Rijkswaterstaat including how the organisation has put into practice the procurement of concrete with a lower footprint, and its re-use.

: 10:35-11:00
x Workshops - Thursday 10 March 2022

Concrete and sustainability – a practical implementation

Rijkswaterstaat shares its goals and experiences in how to assist the contractor to give substance to sustainability. These include requirements in contracts for the contractor to achieve a lower footprint for concrete as well as through aiming for a lower Environmental Cost Indicator (ECI) and setting requirements for reuse.

: 14:00-14:30
Bart van den Broek Zunaid Sagir

The highlight of the bridge engineering year.

Sue Threader, Chief Executive, Rochester Bridge Trust

A great day meeting lots of like-minded people, exploring new innovations and products from exhibitors and listening to some inspiring speakers.

Kevin Dentith, Chief Bridge Engineer, Devon County Council

Excellent networking and knowledge sharing opportunity, everyone who works in bridges should be there!

Liz Kirkham, Network & Strategic Asset Manager, Gloucestershire County Council

Very good conference and excellent networking opportunities.

Paul Tucker, Senior Bridge Engineer & Team Leader, Somerset County Council

Once again a great opportunity to see and hear from market leaders in bridges innovation.

Adrian Worthington, Technical & Design Officer, Wigan Council

The event is always informative, inspiring and relevant - a really good blend of asset owners, researchers, designers and contractors. A must for all bridge engineering professionals!

Phil Raven, Head of Technical Design, Milestone Infrastructure (Oxfordshire Highways)

The event is an opportunity to meet the some main suppliers and service providers in the UK industry
and to gain an understanding of the status quo and the trends in the bridge through the problems faced and solutions found.

Philip Corbett, Concessionaire for the Rion-Antirion Bridge - Greece, GEFYRA SA