Stand C13 & Table 16 on Day 2
MISTRAS has the inspection, maintenance, access, and monitoring capabilities to service every element of your bridges, offering at-height and subsea solutions for constant structural integrity security. MISTRAS has an advanced array of bridge protection solutions to ensure that bridges of all types maintain their safety and strong composition. We offer comprehensive services for bridges of wide variety, including: • Cable Stay Bridges • Concrete Bridges • Pre- and Post-Tension Bridges • Steel Bridges • Suspension Bridges • Wooden Bridges As traffic increases, it becomes more essential that bridges can handle the large loads that accompany increased use. MISTRAS’ bridge solutions play an important role in ensuring that bridges remain structurally sound even at peak traffic volume, protecting the safety of the public and the surrounding environment. Some of MISTRAS’ extensive service capabilities include: • Steel fatigue & crack detection monitoring • Concrete micro fracture detection and monitoring • Wire break monitoring in post tension concrete structures • Strain, rotation, acceleration, displacement, movement monitoring • Rope, Diving, and Drone Access for At-Height and Subsea Bridge Components Bridge Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) Systems and Services Effective monitoring strategies are essential for bridges, which can’t easily be shut down for inspection and maintenance. MISTRAS Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) uses Acoustic Emission sensors to provide 24/7, 365 continuous monitoring of bridges, so defects and faults can be serviced as soon as an imbalance or irregularity is detected. With Acoustic Emission (AE) technology, MISTRAS can determine if, where, and when damage is occurring, along with its severity and intensity, helping you respond as effectively as possible. Paired with our advanced data management capabilities, we can collect, analyze, manage, and present findings for future monitoring and historical trending. MISTRAS technicians can supply, install, and operate SHM systems on your bridge, so you can ensure both safety and structural integrity at all times.