AMX Solutions Limited

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AMX Solutions Ltd is an established, independent UK-based company specialising in developing enterprise asset management solutions in the infrastructure sector. With an in-house background in engineering, IT, and asset management, we understand the complex challenges faced by asset managers and provide solutions designed to support each aspect of asset management across every level of the business. Operating across a wide range of market sectors worldwide, the company's focus has always been to provide high-quality, easy-to-use software solutions that empower users to take control of their asset management operations. Working collaboratively with our clients, we strive to provide a foundation for achieving success and delivering a return on investment.


  • Asset Management eXpert


Asset Management eXpert
Asset Management eXpert
Asset Management eXpert is a market-leading solution for physical and infrastructure asset management. Our high-quality, customisable asset management software supports business objectives through powerful features, flexible functions and mobile technology. With a growing global reputation and combining engineering, IT and asset management expertise, Asset Management eXpert brings all your inspections, maintenance and management information together for effortless day-to-day operations.