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Redaelli is a global manufacturer of steel cable systems, specialising in tensile structure applications, including suspension, cable stayed, cable truss, lifting, cable net and arch bridges. An innovative approach to cable system design combined with proven engineering, professional project management and specialist cable handling and tensioning expertise has positioned Redaelli to successfully deliver a variety of cable solutions to worldwide tensile structures including many iconic architectural bridges. Recent UK bridge projects successfully delivered to include Newport Transporter Bridge, Stockingfield Junction Bridge, Brynmawr Bridge, Thames Bray Bridge, Taff Vale Bridge, A14 NMU Cambridge Bridges and A45 Whitley South Bridge. Please refer to the attached website links for product data and a selection of case studies; https://www.teufelberger.com/media/contentmanager/content/downloads/REDAELLI_CASE_HISTORY_SHORT_04_02_2021.pdf https://www.teufelberger.com/media/contentmanager/content/downloads/REDAELLI_CABLE_SYSTEM_04_02_2021.pdf or contact us Email: david.ward@redaelli.com Tel: +44 (0)7585 600810



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Redaelli corporate video