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LimitState:RING is the industry leading interactive software tool for the analysis of masonry arch bridges; capable of modelling a wide range of potential failure modes in both single and multi-span structures. Launched at the end of 2023, LimitState:RING 4 is the result of many years of development, and includes numerous new features, enhancements and fixes, including: # Streamlined load modelling # * Model multiple scenarios, with critical scenario auto-identified * Expanded vehicle database (including CS454 vehicles) * Apply arbitrary block forces # Handle more complex geometries # * Offset piers * End abutments with retained fill * More complex arch profiles * CAD (DXF) geometry import # Permissible Limit State (PLS) analysis # * New built-in PLS analysis mode to check for load-induced damage * Approach outlined in CIRIA C800 and compliant with CS454 # Other features # * Command line interface * Template files to speedup model creation * Model shear bond strength * Many other enhancements!
LimitState:GEO provides unique geotechnical analysis capabilities to rapidly determine the critical failure mechanism and margin of safety for any problem. From slope stability to deep excavations, LimitState:GEO geotechnical software can handle design and analysis problems of any geometry and with any loading conditions. There’s no need to resort to application specific hand calculations, spreadsheets or software applications that attempt to automate these. Combine different geotechnical features into the same model and be confident that the critical failure mechanism is being identified, whether that involves slope stability, bearing capacity, structural overturning or a mixture of all these and more. Providing quick, accurate results gives the opportunity for deeper understanding of the problem; leading to better, more refined solutions. Rapidly identify critical geotechnical failure mechanisms, including those that traditional methods often miss. Consider any combination of features in the same model, including: - Slopes - Cantilever walls - Reinforced soil - Footings / foundations - Gabion and gravity retaining walls - Deep excavations - Seismic loading


LSWEB23-7 - Introducing LimitState:RING 4. Better Masonry Arch Bridge Analysis
The release of LimitState:RING version 4 marks the culmination of several years of development to our industry-leading masonry arch analysis software. In this webinar we showcase some of the new features and enhancements that have been incorporated in this major new release. # SUMMARY # Discover some of the exciting new features of LimitState:RING 4, including: * Highly flexible definition of bridge geometry, with an enhanced wizard and CAD import functionality to handle the most geometrically complex structures. * Enhanced handling of vehicle loading scenarios, including new automatic vehicle positioning functionality to expedite identification of critical load cases. * A new Permissible Limit State (PLS) analysis mode to assess bridge performance under working loads. * Template file functionality to speed up the assessment of bridges with shared properties or project settings. * A command-line interface to support batch analysis. * Numerous other improvements, including an expanded vehicle database, new pre-solve diagnostics, and a greatly enhanced software user interface. In this 30-minute webinar, Dr Tom Pritchard and software originator Prof. Matthew Gilbert use practical examples to illustrate many of the new software features. Gain insights into how this significant upgrade can help you undertake more informed masonry arch analysis, helping to more reliably assess these critical components of our transport infrastructure.