BES Group

Stand C07
BES Group is a distinguished company within the field of engineering. Renowned for our proficiency in providing bespoke solutions within the ever-changing engineering landscape. Our team comprises dedicated professionals who not only have years of experience within their respective fields, but also a deep passion for their work. From meticulous equipment inspections to comprehensive risk management strategies, BES Group is committed to ensuring the seamless operation of businesses across diverse sectors. We specialise in catering to an array of industries including manufacturing, construction, and energy. As a leader in our field, we aspire to be the preferred choice for organisations seeking a blend of reliability, expertise, and the quintessence of British ingenuity. In the last two years BES Group entered into the infrastructure sectors of Rail, Highways, Defence as well as Ports and Harbours. To help with this BES Group acquired XEIAD ltd, shortly followed by Strainstall Monitoring and most recently Inspire Structures. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and are specialists in bridge inspection and monitoring, road and rail infrastructure inspection, geotechnical monitoring, load detection, overheight alert systems, energy efficiency and strategic advice, plus much more. With a workforce of over 1400 based in the UK, and over 800 Engineers, our aim is to be asset owners’ first choice of trusted advisor for asset management in all its forms. Our cutting-edge software platform, Smart Asset Management System (SAMS™), transforms data into actionable information for asset owners and consultants. It collects and integrates data from multiple sources, provides intuitive data visualisation and can perform complex analyses to generate reports automatically or on demand. Providing real-time analysis, live displays and instant alerts, we work directly with asset owners, along with their consultants and/or contractors, depending upon the project needs and the procurement procedures. Whether you are an asset owner, a DBFO operator or in charge of making Navy frigates seaworthy, BES Group is ready to assist you with achieving operational excellence. We look forward to working collaboratively with you, offering you our engineering experience, ability to innovate and unparalleled service.