William Beardall

CTO of Artificial Intelligence , AIM Group

William Beardall serves as the CTO of AI at AIM Group, focussed on leveraging often-sparse monitoring data for the detection and prediction of structural defects. This critical work is optimising maintenance cost efficiency and aims to bolster structure longevity. William's PhD delivered large predictive computational models used in synthetic biology from Imperial College London, notably, his collaborative contribution to the field has been recognised with award from the International Machine Learning community at ICML. With a unique blend of academic rigor and practical know-how, William brings a nuanced understanding of AI's transformative potential across industries and can help asset managers realise efficiencies at the portfolio level. 

My Speaker Sessions

Thursday 14 March 2024


Incorporating the Digital into Bridge Asset Management

14:00 - 15:00
  • The transition from paper based bridge asset management to Excel was considered to be a major breakthrough, when it occurred over 30 years ago.
  • With developments in computing power, digital twins and artificial intelligence, we should be in a utopia of digital asset management.
  • Unfortunately there are still horror stories of millions being wasted on clunky digital “solutions” are still occurring.
  • This workshop session will present an overview of the opportunities and challenges relating to the implementation of a digital bridge asset management system, asset owners experiences, introducing digital twin maturity levels, and examples of successful development and implementations of fit for purpose solutions using proprietary software packages.
  • The workshop will also have breakout sessions for the attendees to discuss and consider the different topics, with the aim to better understand the benefits of incorporating digital solutions within a bridge asset management context.