Sam Wood

Senior Engineer, COWI

Sam is a Senior Engineer with COWI's Bridge Team in Bristol. He has wide experience in the design, assessment and strengthening of new and existing structures and acts as Project Manager for COWI's commission to A55 UKH.

My Speaker Sessions

Wednesday 13 March 2024


Closure of Menai Suspension Bridge: the Issue, Emergency Works, and Permanent Solution

12:20 - 12:45
  • Following a reduction to a 7.5t weight limit on the Menai Suspension Bridge in 2022, further analysis of the hangers was undertaken on Telford’s iconic structure to identify how failure of an individual hanger socket would affect the structural integrity of the whole bridge.

  • This revealed that the majority of load would transfer into adjacent hangers and for all traffic load models had the potential to cause catastrophic failure of the entire deck.

  • This talk discusses the details of the project, including the analysis, temporary works solution employed to re-open the bridge, and details of the new permanent hangers currently being manufactured in Switzerland.