Tung Nguyen

Associate - Scientist Engineer - Wind Engineering, RWDI

Tung joined RWDI’s UK office in 2020 as a wind engineer, specialising in wind loading and effects on bridges. He has a PhD in wind engineering from the University of Nottingham and four years of experience as a post-doctorate researcher working on projects about bridge aerodynamics and structural health monitoring of the Forth Road Bridge.

As part of the engineering team in the UK office, he has contributed his expertise to different bridge studies involving aerodynamic stability assessments, wind tunnel sectional model tests, and full-scale measurements. In addition to bridge projects, he has worked on wind studies of other structures highly susceptible to wind-induced effects, including tall buildings, chimneys, stadia, airports, and solar panels.

My Speaker Sessions

Wednesday 13 March 2024


Aerodynamic and Climate Engineering to Address Climate Resiliency in Long-Span Bridges

14:00 - 14:25
  • Long-span bridges must be designed for climate resiliency.
  • Bridge monitoring, wind tunnel aerodynamic studies and numerical analysis can help evaluate the current state of the bridge, as well as components such as the cables, deck and hangers.
  • By combining this understanding with site-specific wind and climate models, digital models can be created to predict responses to future windstorms and to inform design and rehabilitation decisions.
  • Case studies will be used to demonstrate examples where early-stage consulting has benefitted both existing and new bridges.